THE CONMEN – 5/17/18


Truth and facts aren’t the same thing. You can establish a fact that’s void of truth.

TRUTH – Brushy Bill Roberts and J. Frank Dalton, were and still are the greatest conmen of all times. (Clyde Carpenter, settle down boy! Put the pistol down and let me explain. hahaha)

FACT – 1881 Billy the Kid was killed by Garrett.
FACT – 1882 Jesse James was killed by Bob Ford.
FACT – 1948 J. Frank Dalton claimed to be Jesse James.
FACT – 1949 Brushy Bill claimed to be Billy the Kid.
TRUTH – All four events are historical facts. However, all four historical facts cannot be true.


If Billy did not die in ’81 and became Brushy Bill, the Kid’s death was a Con, pulled off by Brushy. That Con held up for over 60 years, until Roberts came out with his claim. The same holds true with Dalton. If Jesse James didn’t die in ’82, and Dalton is James, that Con lasted about the same span of time.

If Brushy is lying and he’s not the Kid, then that Con continues to this day; same holds true with Dalton.

FACT – Both Brushy Bill and Dalton have lied. Either in 1881 & 1882 or in the late 1940’s, but either way they’ve pulled a Con at one time or another. This is how I can say they’re great conmen.

No matter where you fall or what you believe, you have to admit these boys have pulled off two of the GREATEST cons off the West.

TRUTH – Both men have keep us fighting, poking, looking, and digging because of a Con, either a Con from the 1880’s or the 1940’s and for that you’ve got to love these two, the Conmen.

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