(pic #1) Is me and Lincoln County Sheriff Tom Sullivan. I remember the day well; good country, good horses, with a friend and fellow law-dog. We had our ponies in one of those let’s talk, rockin’ chair, long lopes, riding close enough to hear the other, close enough our stirrups click together. (Cowboys understand this mode of talking.) We were talking about the Kid. It was Billy the Kid that started this thing we call Cold West.


Our daughter met her husband Brett, on a TV shoot about the Kid. Had that not happened we wouldn’t have our granddaughter, Hambone.




cold west

Had it not been for the film “Requiem For Billy the Kid” two cowboy cops and their wives wouldn’t have gone to the Cannes Film Festival (pic#2) and seen France and Italy. When the producer call telling us we would be on the red carpet he told us that he had just talked to Kris Kristofferson who said he didn’t care about the red carpet he just wanted to “hang out with those cowboy cops.” Kid Karma.

Just chasing the Kid put Cold West on the front page of the New York Times, prompting the Governor to call, and some crazy to sue, keeping us in the papers for years.


cold west

The Kid had the state of Arizona digging up dead bandits and we were invited, to which the crazies tried to file “Grave Robbery” charges on Tom and me. These doorknobs then trotted down to the local FBI office and tried to file RICO on the New Mexico and Arizona Governors, and two cops. – only with the Kid could this happen. The cool thing is, to this day John Miller, who claimed to be the Kid, takes his rest with one of our badges on his chest. We thought it’d be a good show of respect to the man if we left him a badge saying, “you made us look.” (pic #3).


cold west

The Kid taught us about the old West and croquet (pic#4). he also showed up producing a picture that claimed to have the Kid in it could cause instent fist-fights – cool.

The Kid has whispered his secrets to us by pointing out undiscovered blood stains from dying men. He told us the story when he took us to spent cartridges he and others fired in the heat of battle. He’s showed us artifacts that belong in museums, and he’s showed us country historians write about but detectives get to ride horseback through. The Kid has put us on TV, in documentaries, in newspapers around the world, the little buck-toothed bandit put us in Rolling Stone Magazine. Cowboys in Rolling Stone, go figure.


cold west

Hell, it was the Kid that introduced me to Mark Wahlberg. Who could have known that Mark Wahlberg knew the Kid. I really liked that guy, Wahlberg not the Kid…okay, I like the Kid too, their both cool guys to hang with.

But the coolest thing about this little history hick, is that he introduced Cold West to you guys and now we’re friends and you’re now the Cold West. Kid, we’ll continue to ride with you, because you never seem to disappoint. Thanks, Kid we owe you.

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