PICTURE THIS – 6/21/18

cold westA picture is an instant frozen in time, for all time. Many times, hidden right in front of us, these old pictures tell us more than we first pick up. This is the kind of thing the detective looks for; when you see it more of the true story is exposed.

Below is a famous picture of Pat Garrett, but what else is in the picture? If you look close you can they are sitting in the middle of a construction zone. Direct your attention to the left side of the picture, under the deck, you’ll see Adobe bricks they didn’t use. This building, believe it or not, is new. Notice how square the counters of the build are. Exposed adobe will be rounded off by the elements.

There is another story in this picture. This is Garrett’s crew they build this building but they screwed up on the loading dock. They had the dock down one step from the floor of the building. This caused the man wheeling the grain to the wagon, that was backed up to the dock, to have to let the cart down easy and he had to lift the sack of gain into the wagon.

This picture was taken after they fixed the problem. Can’t you just picture this?

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