When Pat Garrett is murdered there were three people present, Garrett the victim, Brazel the suspect, and Adamson the only witness.

Below is a copy of the subpoena delivered to Adamson who was in jail for smuggling Chinese workers. So we know the Territory knew where he was, they had him locked up, they served him with a subpoena and could have ordered the sheriff to bring him to court. Yet, he didn’t show up and did not testify.

Powerful men, Cox bonded Brazel our of jail. One story is told because the victim is dead, the only one who testifies is the suspect. The only independent witness is sitting in jail and the territorial judge does not demand him be in court?

A murder case, the court knows where the only witness is and can have him in court but they don’t bother. Does any of this sound right to you?

Oh, never mind that’s just a conspiracy theory! Really….


True Crime

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